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Global Blessing Inc.



          "The agony of watching a loved one descend into dementia, the guilt in feeling bitter toward the stranger they have become, the stress of caring for them for as long as you possibly can, the fear for their safety when finally accepting that it’s no longer safe for them to live outside of a skilled facility – all overwhelming emotions. And then you add financial worries on top of that. Like so many, we were there. We thought our only hope was a miracle and it was indeed a miracle, an answer to desperate prayers, when we stumbled upon Grace Living. We knew we would eventually run out of the little bit of money there was, but we didn’t want Mom anywhere else and decided we would jump off the next bridge when we got to it.

         The day we had to tell Esther that we were going to have to make other arrangements was another one filled with emotions. We thought Medicaid facilities were our only bleak hope. Another round of overwhelming agony, guilt, stress, and fear.

        When Esther asked us to come sit down and talk to her, we had a glimmer of hope that she might have some suggestions/advice on where to turn. When she told us about the non-profit she was starting and how she wanted to help us... the relief of that moment brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

        Now when we visit, she no longer knows us, but she’s full of spirit and loves to show us around her .

home. She stops to hug, and say ‘I love you’ to, her fellow residents and caregivers while telling us she’s glad to have us as new friends. Although you might expect those things to sting, they actually bring

relief. Our prayers have been answered - she’s well cared for, she’s safe, and she’s happy. We are so grateful for Esther, the ‘home’ she and her family have built, her staff, and her generosity. Esther, you truly are Mom’s guardian angel."

- Sylvia F.

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