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Global Blessing Inc.

About Us

Global Blessing is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping senior citizens who don't have the financial means to care for themselves. Far too often, senior citizens with disabilities are forced into homelessness because they are not of sound mind, and don't have the financial means to ensure they are well taken cared of near the end of their life. Global Blessing aims to work with families who are struggling with this issue to help provide these senior citizens with a stable and comfortable living condition so that they can close the final chapter of their lives with the dignity, the respect, and the love that they deserve.

As an organization we target a specific population in the healthcare industry to ensure that these issues are being addressed at all stages of life. Global life expectancy has seen a steady increase from year-year, and with that means an increased volume in the amount of individuals facing issues with forced displacement, poverty and homelessness.  

About the Issue

Forced Displacement

Forced displacement can be an unfortunate experience for the elderly and their families to go through. Seniors can be forced to move out of their facility for a variety of reasons, such as inability to pay rent, becoming a danger to other residents, facility closures, etc. If not prepared for this sudden move, this can be a great financial burden on the families or caretakers of elderly persons and create stressful situations with little resource to deal with or understand what is happening. 

Fincancial Hardships of LTC Facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has created financial hardship for families and industries across the globe. In the U.S. LTC facilities have needed to take on an increased financial responsibility due to a higher regulations and needs to better keep the pandemic's most susceptible population as safe as possible. Due to this, many facilities have had to operate at a loss. Also, workforce shortages have made it difficult to meet the staffing demands needed to care for the residents.

Elderly Poverty

In the U.S. significant progress has been made to decrease in the proportion shared by elderly persons in poverty, but the number of those elderly in poverty has increased since the 70s. This is mostly caused by the increase in life expectancies and population booms. In 2019, the Congressional Research Service reported 4.9 million elderly citizens aged 65 and older lived in poverty.

Elderly Homelessness

Life expectancy for aged homeless individuals drops significantly from 77 years to 64 years. What is considered "old" in terms of age differs by geographical area. Often those aged 50-69 are considered to be the "young old" age group, and are often forgotten about for resources, despite having higher needs than their housed peers, due to age-related constrictions.