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Global Blessing Inc

Helping Seniors live Better not Harder 

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Making a Difference in the Lives of People Around the World

Have you ever had a loved one get discharged from an assisted living facility because they could no longer feed themselves or care for themselves? Moving your loved one from place to place over the years can be stressful and a drain on your wallet. With Global Blessing, we are trying to help families support their loved ones so that they can age in place gracefully. Regardless of their loved ones' independence level, we want to make sure that they aren't forced to keep moving from home to home

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Nonprofit Organization

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Mission Statement

Global Blessing works with communities to help reduce homelessness within the senior citizen population.

About Our Organization

Global Blessing is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping senior citizens who don't have the financial means to care for themselves. Far too often, senior citizens with disabilities are forced into homelessness because they are not of sound mind, and don't have the financial means to ensure they are well taken care of near the end of their life. Global Blessing aims to work with families who are struggling with this issue to help provide these senior citizens with a stable and comfortable living condition so that they can close the final chapter of their lives with the dignity, respect, and love that they deserve.

Meet the Founders

Global Blessing was an idea created by Esther Woghiren and her husband. they  have  been involved in healthcare for over 25 years, and have been owners of successfully family-ran personal care homes in Georgia for over 17 years. Throughout their  career, they  often helped struggling families, at the company's expense, to help keep the senior citizens in their  facilities, giving them a chance to age and pass gracefully, instead of discharging them into an unknown environment. For years, they ve' seen this issue far too often, and  decided to take the initiative to combat this growing dilemma in the senior citizen community. their  goal is to help educate families of the senior citizens on the importance of financial literacy, and initial planning for their loved ones, to help prepare them for when that time comes. 

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